Friday, July 10, 2009

Audio Circuits

Getting ahead of myself a little, I'm thinking today about multi-zone audio. I've spotted a news post over at Centrafuse where they talk about and show a demo of true multi-zone in operation (see video below). I'd like this and there's a chance it will come in Centrafuse 3.0 so I might as well build my systems to accomodate.

I'd like a dual-zone system whereby front passangers and rear passangers can listen to the same or different content. I imagine I'll need a multi-channel sound card and a pair of stereo amps, one driving front speakers, one driving rear speakers.

The idea would be that software (centrafuse?) would direct eitehr the same sound to 2 stereo outputs thuse enabling all occupants to hear the same contenrt for direct different content to each stereo pair. For this to work, rear passangers would need to wear headphones.

I'd like to add a pair of headphone jacks in the back that, when headphones are plugged in, the rear speakers are cut and sound is directed to the headphones.

I've been googling and have come across this circuit that uses a switch to redirect amp output from speakers to headphones.

Another way to do this would be to add a third 'zone' to the system (headphones) and use the controlling software to switch outputs to this zone and switch off output to zone 2 (rear speakers).


In other news, I ordered the following items from expansys yesterday;

140985 BU-353 WaterProof USB GPS Receiver
142812 ToughDrive 2.5" 160GB USB-2
161623 USB Cradle for Nokia N95 8GB

These will allow me set up gps interface with centrafuse, copy all my .flac audio files to an external drive and dock/charge my N95.

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