Sunday, July 5, 2009

HiLux Resources

In searching the InterWeb, I've come across a few good HiLux resources;
A site dedicated to the Mk6 HiLux. Based in Australia with a discernible Australian bias, it's nevertheless a remarkable community where there are answers to everything and some very serious HiLux modding going on. (I discovered 2 ways to disable the annoying beep when the driver door is open and keys are in the ignition).

Tacoma Manuals & Schematics
Downloads of full service manuals and wiring schematics for 05/06 Toyota Tacoma, the version of the HiLux sold in the USA. Could come in useful, or maybe not. This history of HiLux vs Tacoma would seem to indicate they are two quite different vehicles. The password is

Toyota Owners Club
The HiLux section of the toyota owners club.

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