Sunday, July 5, 2009

Centrafuse features

So, with Centrafuse installed, I can get a good idea of how the UI would work. One of the nice things I've discovered is that the software can bring some additional functionality to the party.

One thing it features is OBD, the ability to interface with a standardised vehicle diagnostics port to display engine management and other information. A little research reveals that Toyota has a proprietary diagnostics interface used in some Hilux up until 2006 (M-OBD). The almost universal OBD-II protocol was added in this year. As my HiLux is 2006 it's touch and go as to whether it has the required interface.

A quick removal of the panel under the steering wheel reveals a 16-port connector that I must presume is OBD-II (M-OBD connectors were loocated in the engine compartment, I think).

But at the moment, Centrafuse does not do much. I have no music on the Acer, no bluetooth for phone connection, no GPS receiver, no OBD interface. Essentially it's a pretty UI that does nothing. Yet.

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